Those who take up a spiritual tradition may find their practice focusing on one discipline at one point in their life – and another later, as they move on in their environment, having another take priority. Sometimes this may mean affiliating with one faith community or religious tradition and then, as their needs or interests change, finding themselves in another. Their place of service and learning may open into new phases: for any number of reasons, prayer, scriptural study, social justice, teaching, community building and nurture, and so on may take primary importance in a faithful individual’s life.

Over the years, they may find themselves circling back over the earlier impulses – a cycle, perhaps, gaining compassion and wisdom with each revolution. In one round, the individual may be intense, even dogmatic; later, more gentle and inclusive. The advance in years may lead through periods of singleness and courtship into marriage and children before grandparenting and advancing age, each one with fresh challenges and openings. Some may take different routes through life.

Something similar can happen within a congregation as it worships and works together. The young and the old overlap. We draw on harvests from one season as we face another. We grow, fall off or coast, decline, surge once more, if faithful. We come round again.

Welcome to Seasons of the Spirit.

Seasons 1

Here is a free PDF edition for you to read and, if you like, to add to your library. To open the 242–page, 47,442-word collection, just click here: SEASONS OF SPIRIT


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