Welcome to Thistle Finch, a collection free ebooks showcasing my poetry. Consider this an opportunity to share in my manuscripts, with a new offering appearing each week. Unlike some online reading options, the PDF format allows me to design individual pages, an important consideration in the presentation of poetry, especially.

As an experimental indie writer, I’ll admit that none of my work to date fits neatly into marketing genres. My intent is to let it rove instead in fresh directions, discovering what it will in the process.

The Thistle Finch imprint presents these original works in PDF editions at no cost to you. Simply click on the links and read on your computer or print out your own copies.

Inspired by the thistle’s deep-colored flowers and cone and the goldfinches it attracts, Thistle Finch seeks to uphold truth that pricks the skin and nourishes flights across mental fields. The thistle, with its tiny seeds, has tenacious roots. And finches, despite their small size, migrate far and return, in season. Both are part of my garden.

If you enjoy my writing, please spread the word – the way both thistles and finches find new homes. And I’ll enjoy hearing from you, whatever your reactions.


One thought on “Welcome

  1. I am looking forward to spending more time on this lovely site Jnana. I enjoy reading your posts, and seem to share many of your ideas and thoughts. Some of my life experiences and pursuits are similar to things that you write about. thanks for this gift! 🙂


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